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I registered previously for your Giveaways and had a Member ID#, do I still need that? No - you will no longer need your Member ID#. You need to be a member of our Facebook Group and fill out the Registration Form.

Do I need to fill out the Registration Form if I previously registered for Giveaways? Yes! We want to make sure we have all your information and that it is current.

How do I claim my prize? We will have have a pinned post in our Facebook Group that you will need to comment on by the end of the day you won the prize. After commenting, please fill out the Claim Form in our App under "WINNERS CIRCLE" or by clicking here. Please note: If you won a large prize, such as a stroller, we will email you a special claim form at the email provided on the Registration Form.

Do I need to download your App to enter the Giveaways? No, however you will miss out on exclusive notifications, deals, and a convenient location for all of our links.

What if I do not have an account on one of the social media platforms you are asking for on the Registration Form? The only social media we require for our Giveaways is Facebook so you can be part of our Group. The other social medias are not required; however, we may run exlusive Giveaways on those platforms and you will miss out. If you do not have a social media account on one of the platforms we ask for, please answer with "N/A".

I downloaded the MBE App but I am not receiving notifications, what is wrong? Please check your device settings to make sure you enabled to receive notifications from our app.

I asked to join your Facebook Group but I wasn't accepted, why? Please make sure you answered every question when requesting and allow us up to 24 hours to approve your request. For the safety of our members, we vet every request.

I won a prize and asked for a specific color/pattern but received something different than what I asked for - why? We ask for your preference when you fill out the Prize Claim Form and do our best to fulfill it. Color/pattern is not guaranteed based on what is available at time of fulfillment.

My question wasn't answered here. Please reach out to us at info@mybabyexperts.com or click the purple button in the bottom right corner to chat with us.

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