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Air-Fryer Salmon Cakes

Prep Time:

25 min

Cook Time:

12 min






Kaley's Kitchen Creations

Submitted by:

Kaley Araucto

About the Recipe

A tasty and good for you salmon air fried to perfection and served with homemade tartar sauce


Salmon Cakes:

-Cooking spray, as needed

-15 oz Canned Pink Salmon

or 2 lb Fresh/Frozen Salmon Fillet, de-bonned

-1 Large Egg

-1/2 Cup Whole-wheat Panko Breadcrumbs

-2 Tbsp Fresh Dill, chopped

-2 Tbsp Canola Mayonnaise

-2 tsp Dijon mustard

-1/4 tsp Ground Pepper

-2 Lemons, wedged

Tartar Sauce:

-1 cup mayonnaise

-2 to 3 Tbsp relish or finely chopped pickles

-1 1/2 Tbsp very finely minced onions

-2 Tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed


1) Coat the basket of an air fryer with cooking spray.

2) Drain salmon; remove and discard any large bones and skin. Place the salmon in a medium bowl. Add egg, panko, dill, mayonnaise, mustard, and pepper; stir gently until combined. Shape the mixture into four 3-inch-diameter cakes.

3) Coat the cakes with cooking spray; place them in the prepared basket. Cook at 400° F until browned and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest portion registers 160° F, about 12 minutes.

4) Tartar Sauce:

Combine the mayonnaise, relish, onions, and lemon in a medium bowl and mix.

5) Serve on top of the salmon cakes with lemon wedges or put the tartar sauce in a bowl and let people serve themselves.

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