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Air Fryer Chili Rellenos

Prep Time:

25 min

Cook Time:

15 min






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Submitted by:

Amber Hanson

About the Recipe

The secret to super easy, super crispy, super cheesy Chile Rellenos is to ditch the batter and use egg roll wrappers in its place. Not only do egg roll wrappers allow you to skip the whole process of coating stuffed chiles in batter, but they also allow you to add considerably more cheese.


- 1 package Egg Roll Wrappers 

- 28 oz. can Canned Whole Green Chilis 

- 1 pound Pepper Jack Cheese, cut into long blocks 

- 8 oz can Green Sauce 

- 8 oz Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

- 1 bunch Fresh Cilantro, chopped


1) Drain your can of chilis.

2) Stuff the chilis with your long chunks of cheese. Repeat until all chilis are stuffed.

3) Place a chili diagonally on an eggroll wrapper. Wrap the chili tightly, sealing the end with a dab of water, if needed. Repeat until all chilis are wrapped.

4) Preheat air fryer to 350° F. Spray chili rellenos with cooking oil.

5) Add chilis to the air fryer basket. Turn on the air-fryer for 15 minutes. (I like to flip them about halfway through and watch them to remove once they are golden brown)

6) Remove from the air fryer and lay on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

7) Garnish with green sauce, Monterey jack cheese, and cilantro. Serve immediately!

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