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Cloth Diapering


If you’re like most of us, just the thought of cloth diapers is enough to create panic. Most of those thoughts focus on the hassle, the diaper pins, and of course, the clean-up. Isn’t it just easier to buy disposable diapers and be done with it? I hate to admit it, but I used to think the same thing - even after decades of working with moms and babies! I had no idea what harm plastic diapers were doing to my daughters, the negative impact on the planet, or how much money I was - quite literally - throwing away. Spoiler alert: modern cloth diapering is not what I thought it was, and it’s probably not what you’re imagining either. In fact, you may already know it’s what’s best for your baby, but need a better understanding of what’s involved before you commit. I don’t blame you. I made this course for you, and it was these very real questions and worries that I wanted to answer. Questions like: - What kind of chemicals are in disposable diapers? - Is it true cloth diapers could save me thousands of dollars per child? - I’m all in but my friends think I’ve lost my mind. How do I deal with them? - Can my baby travel in cloth diapers? - How do I clean one? - And of course...what do I do with the poop?! Over the course of nine fun and informative chapters, I’ll answer these questions and more! As moms, we’re committed to leaving our children with a better world than the one we inherited. Cloth diapers are a powerful way of keeping that promise.

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