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Breast Pumps & Briefcases


Maximize the benefits of breastfeeding, for as long as possible. When faced with the realities of returning to work, every new mom I’ve ever known has the same worry: how am I supposed to continue breastfeeding? It’s a legitimate concern and the point where too many moms decide they have no other choice but to stop. If you’re in a similar spot or fear you might soon be, I’m excited to tell you that you don’t have to choose. That’s right! Your career doesn’t have to be put on hold, and your baby can still get all of the benefits nature intended. Moms who work outside the home have a different set of obstacles to overcome. Knowing what they are, and how to handle them before they happen, is how you succeed. In this course, I’ll guide you through essential questions like: How do I introduce my baby to the bottle? Which breast pump is right for me? What’s the best way to store my breast milk? How do I prepare a childcare provider? How do I have this conversation with my boss? We’ll cover all of this and more in 11 chapters that promise to prepare - but also empower - you to achieve your long-term breastfeeding goals.

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