The ONLY breastfeeding pillow designed to support your breast


Why the wedge?


While breastfeeding pillows are meant to support your baby... 

the Hands-Free Nursing Wedge supports YOUR BREAST providing a much more comfortable, simpler, hands-free experience

and also a better latch!

The Hands-Free Nursing Wedge replaces the need to physically adjust the breast while nursing by lifting the breast to the optimal position so baby can latch easily
freeing you from the frustrating and often painful act of holding your breast throughout each feeding.

By supporting the breast, the Nursing Wedge relieves the pressure and weight of holding the breast with your hand which is hard on the wrists and can make nursing a tiresome, frustrating, and even painful activity.

It's perfect for larger breasted women, moms with multiples, or ANY nursing mom that needs a little extra support and a free hand!

See how it works!

I was nervous to use it at first but it is so easy and makes breastfeeding much easier. I'm finally able to feed her with having both hands available for other things. She seems to love it too, she doesn't unlatch and wiggle around as much since we've started to use it. I hear her swallow sounds a lot better also. My hands love it because I no longer have to try to hold my breast up to get a better flow.


Hi! I’m Shari Criso

As a Labor and Delivery nurse, a Certified Nurse Midwife, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant...

I've helped make breastfeeding easier for over 100,000 moms!

I know that having accurate information, positive support, and products ("tools") that work, is the only way to achieve your personal breastfeeding goals.

The Hands-Free Nursing Wedge is one of those must-have breastfeeding "tools" that I recommend to nursing moms to make nursing easier, more efficient, and a lot more enjoyable.

You deserve that and so does your baby.

I get you.
I got you. 
You’ve got this.

Shari Criso MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC
Certified Nurse-Midwife &
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

The pillow is great! I don't have large breasts however, the pillow did make "lining up" my nipple with my baby's mouth much easier. It was quite comfortable to have this support under my breast while feeding!

~Jamie Adams

Lifts and Supports the breast while breastfeeding.
Holds breast in the optimal position for hands-free nursing.
Helps position the nipple to help baby latch correctly.
Soft, Machine Washable cover is comfortable against the skin
Compact size makes it easy for comfortable nursing on the go.




Compress the pillow with your thumb and fingers



Position the pillow under breasts at the curved underside and release.



Release and pillow will return to its original shape - lifting and supporting the breasts for a more comfortable and hands- free nursing experience.


The sizing chart is provided as a guideline, but bra sizes vary from company to company.

When Pregnant :





To choose your size more accurately...

Measure from the bottom outer edge of the areola straight down to the base of your breast. Be sure to follow the curve of your breast when measuring.

Use this measurement and the guidelines below to make your size selection.

2.5" - 3"/Small       

3.5" - 4"/Medium

4.5" - 5"/Large

5.5" - 6"/XLarge


E (DD)







Get the support you deserve!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nursing Wedge made of?

The pillow itself is made of high-density memory foam. It’s eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic, and is made from food-based oil, not petroleum based foam. The removable cover is made of machine washable fabric (75% cotton, 25% polyester).

Can I wash it?

Each wedge comes with a removable slipcover that is machine washable. The wedge itself is made of high-density memory foam and should not be put in the washing machine. Light surface cleaning is okay if needed.

Can I use this while wearing a nursing bra?

Yes. The Nursing Wedge works exactly the same way as when used without a bra. Just compress the wedge and place it under your breast. It will lay over the bra strap that may also be under your breast.

Can the wedge be used with a "baby-supporting" breastfeeding pillow?

Yes! The Nursing Wedge is a great complement to these types of pillows. While these products support the baby during nursing, the Nursing Wedge provides support for the breast so that moms don’t have to hold and support their breasts themselves.

Is the Wedge disposable?

No. The Nursing Wedge is made of high-density foam and the cover is made of machine washable fabric.

Can I use the Wedge when I’m nursing while lying down?

We designed the wedge to be used while in a sitting position. Then some moms took it to a whole new level, and reported to us that it’s helpful even when lying down to nurse. It may help give the breast an extra lift to provide a better angle for your baby to eat.

How do I know what size Wedge to buy?

Our sizing chart is a general guideline, but since bra sizes vary depending on brand, it’s best to measure yourself based on the directions below to make sure you’re purchasing the right size. Place a flexible tape measure about 1/2” below your nipple, follow curve of breast to base (where breast tissue meets your ribs). This measurement (in inches) will give you the precise Wedge size you will need to order. 2.5” – 3” Small 3.5” – 4” Medium 4.5” – 5” Large 5.5” – 6” XLarge

Can I use the Nursing Wedge for nursing twins?

If you are nursing your infants simultaneously, you would ideally need to have two Wedges. Place Wedge under breast, bring the infant that has “mastered” latching to your breast since he/she will be less likely to lose latch while you position the second Wedge. Position second Wedge and and bring your other infant to your breast. Often, something as simple as a firm pillow on your lap will support babies and once one child is latched, the arm cradling that child still has enough freedom to assist in getting the second child into position.

Will the use of a nursing pillow, interfere with my use of the Nursing Wedge?

Not at all. The Nursing Wedge supports the breast while nursing - NOT the infant which is what other pillows do. The Nursing Wedgelifts your breast and helps ensure proper latching so your infant can nurse while you are hands free!

My lactation consultant (LC) suggested I use a rolled up towel to keep my breast up while nursing. How is this different?

Prior to the the Nursing Wedge, LCs didn’t have other options as a solution for supporting and lifting their breast while simultaneously getting their infant to latch correctly. There are several reasons why the rolled up towel is not effective. First, the towel will flatten with the weight of the breast and you’ll go back to having to hold your breast in position to nurse. Second, towels can be irritating to your skin, can cause pressure and can fall out easily. The Nursing Wedge is made of an eco-friendly memory foam which has no off-gassing and a level surface to support entire length of the breast. It doesn’t lose its shape, and won’t fall out because of the soft tactile texture that keeps it securely in place.

How do I wash the Wedge?

Each Wedge comes with a removable slipcover that is machine washable and can quickly air dry. Do NOT put in the dryer. The Wedge is made of memory foam and should not be put in the washing machine. It can, however, be wiped down with a baby wipe or slightly damp sponge.